Screening Questions on Attendance

Staff members can move through a series of customizable screening questions when they click [Sign-in] for a child on the Attendance page. In this article you will learn how to:

  • Set up screening questions
  • Screen children from the staff Attendance page
  • View screening question responses

Set up screening questions

Any admin at your school can enable screening questions by going to [Admin] > [School Settings] > [Attendance] > enabling the toggle next to "Show screening questions" for any levels at your school that will use it > [Save]. Once you have enabled the feature, you can customize the questions and temperature check by clicking on [Screening questions]. By default, there will be two screening questions and a temperature check.

Screen children from the staff [Attendance] page

Staff members can do a screening for a child by going to [Attendance] > clicking [Sign in]. If the child passes the screening a green check mark will appear on the Attendance page and the child will be signed in. If the staff member selects any of the "failure" buttons they will be redirected to a "Screening failed" message, a red circle with a line through it will appear on the Attendance page, and the child will not be signed in. If this happens, a notification will be sent to the school. If the screening failure happened in error, staff will have the option to [Rescreen] the child from the Attendance page.

View screening question responses

Once all of the children have been screened, you may need to download or print a report for the day. To do this, go to [Attendance] > [Attendance Report] > [By day] > type control + "p" (Windows) or command + "p" (Mac) to print or save the report as a PDF.

You may also want to view the screening passes and failures and if the child failed the screening, see what question they failed. From the [Attendance] > [Attendance Report] > click on the child's name > click on the date. You can also get there from the child's profile page > [Daily Tracking] > [Details].

You can also download this information in a spreadsheet for a specific period of time for by classroom or for the entire school by going to [Attendance] > [Attendance Report] > selecting a classroom from the drop down menu in the upper left > using the filters to select a date range > [Run report] > [Download].


As always, feel free to contact us by email at, ok click [?] > [Ask], with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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