Distance Drop-off

Enable our Distance Drop-off feature to allow parents to sign their children in and out for the day, answer screening questions, and leave notes to the school right from their own mobile device.

In this article we will cover:

  • How to Turn on Distance Drop-off
  • Sharing PINs with Families
  • Using QR Codes
  • Helping Parents

How to Turn on Distance Drop-off

Go to [Admin] > [School Settings] > [Attendance] > and enable the toggle next to "Allow distance drop-off" for the classroom types at your school that will use the feature:

Sharing PINs with Families

After enabling Distance Drop-off, this window will appear:

Click to [Email Parents] email instructions and the PIN to parents, then [Save]. Parents, and staff members with access to the parent, can always find a parent's PIN by going to [Directory] > [Parents] and clicking the edit icon next to the parent's name. From this page, you can also reset and/or resend the PIN.

Staff members will also be able to resend PINs (and the instructions) to parents by going to [Directory] > [Parents] > selecting the parents by clicking on the small square box to the left of the parent's name or the square box at the top of the page to select all parents listed > clicking [Resend distance drop-off PINs]:

Using QR Codes

To access your school's unique Distance Drop-off webpage, an Admin user will need to make the QR code available to parents, or send them the URL link. Admins can access this page by going to [Admin] > [School Settings] > [Attendance] > [Distance drop-off instructions]. 

On this page, you will be able to print out the instructions to post or share with parents. You will also be able to regenerate the link and QR code:

Helping Parents

Before using this feature, parents will need to accept their invitations to join your school on Transparent Classroom, sign in, and accept our Terms of Use. 

Parents will begin by learning their PINs. Then, they will need to access your school's unique Distance Drop-off webpage via the link or QR code, where they will enter their PIN. That will give them access to any active children that are connected to their profile. Next, they will click on a child > [Drop off] or [Pick up] > select their name from the 'approved adults' list, and sign their name with their finger. 

If your school has enabled screening questions, parents will need to answer screening questions before they are approved to drop off their child. For more information about screening questions, you can visit our article on Screening Questions on Attendance.

Once they have successfully signed their child in, parents will see a confirmation page that will include any Daily Tracking updates they have access to such as notes from the child's teacher.  

If an approved adult other than a parent will be doing a drop-off or a pick-up, a parent connected to the child will need to share their PIN with the approved adult. During the process, the approved adult will select their name before signing. If the approved adult does not have access to a device, it is still possible for the child to be signed in by a staff member with access to Transparent Classroom and a device that can connect to the internet via a web browser. For more information about devices, click here. The staff member can sign the child in and answer the screening questions from the [Attendance] page. 

To help get parents prepared to use Distance Drop-off we have created a document with instructions information which you can copy and modify for your school which you can access here: Distance Drop-off Instructional Document.


If you have additional questions or feedback, please send us an email at info@transparentclassroom.com, or click [?] > [Ask] in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window. 

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