Sharing Applications with Prospective Families

Once you have created an Application for your school in Transparent Classroom, you can share it with prospective families by: 

  • Embedding applications on your school's website
  • Emailing the application link

Embedding Applications On Your School's Website

You can include your Transparent Classroom Applications on your school's website using a small piece of code provided to you on the Applications page. To find this code, go to [Admin] > [Applications] > [Share] > click on the [Embed] tab > copy the code from the text box > [Close] > paste the code into your website. 


Emailing the Application Link

You can also choose to share your Transparent Classroom Application via email with a link. To get the link for your Applications, you can go to [Admin] > [Applications] > [Share] > click on the [Email] tab > copy the link from the text box > [Close] > paste the link into an email.


Looking for more? 

Applications: Overview


You can always contact us using the orange speech bubble button in the lower right > [Ask] or email us directly at

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