Application verses Enrollment Forms

Looking for a way to streamline your school's enrollment process? With Transparent Classroom it is easy to create and manage applications and enrollment/re-enrollment forms. 

To get started, you can check out our Applications: Overview article and customize an Application for your school by going to [Admin] > [Applications] > [Edit Form].

Applications are a great way to collect information from prospective families, take notes, set priority and create a waitlist. When you are ready to accept a new enrollment you can use the information submitted on the application to automatically create the child profile or create the child profile and the parent account. 

Applications are a unique type of form in Transparent Classroom that can be shared with and filled out by prospective families that do not yet have a Transparent Classroom account. This means that they cannot digitally sign the form and the information they submit can not be added to a pre-existing child's profile.

Once you accept a child and create accounts for their parents or guardians you can collect additional information with an Enrollment Form. To get started creating an Enrollment Form visit our Forms: Overview article and go to [Admin] > [Design Forms] > [New].

When creating a new Enrollment Form it is important to select "Normal Form" from the "Form Type" drop-down menu. Normal Forms can be filled out by people with Transparent Classroom accounts, can include digital signatures, and will connect the information from accounts and portfolios with the information submitted on the form.


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