Generating Conference Report Drafts

Designing and generating conference reports to share with parents using Transparent Classroom is simple. You can even create reports that automatically import children's progress with lessons, which can save precious hours during conference time! The first step in generating reports for children is for an admin on your school's account to go to [Admin] > [Design Conference Reports] to create a new template, or copy an existing template from another school. For more information on how to do that, if you haven't already, you can check out this tutorial.

Read on the learn more about how to: 

  • Generate Conference Report Drafts
  • Customize the Date Range of the Report
  • Update Existing Report Drafts 

Or if you prefer, you can watch this brief tutorial video:

Generate Conference Report Drafts

Once one or more templates have been created for your school, guides or admins can generate a report for one, several, or all children by going to [Children] > [Conference Reports] > [Generate Reports] > select a template > select a date range > select the child or children > [Generate New Conference Reports]. 

You can also generate a report from the child's own [Profile] page, by going to [Conference Reports] and clicking [Add Conference Report]. 

Customize the Date Range of the Report

Before you click "Generate Report", double-check the “start date” and "end date" that appear on this page. If it doesn't include today's date, lessons entered today won't appear in the report. Only lessons recorded during the time period of the report will be visible in the report.


Update Existing Report Drafts

Once you've created a conference report draft for a child, staff members with access to that child's classroom can add comments or change the editable details of the report. However, once a conference report is created you can think of it as a paper document. It won't pull new information or records that you've entered each time you go to edit it. 

If you enter new records, you will need to refresh the report which you can learn more about here: Refreshing Conference Report Data

If you update the template you will need to contact us so we can assist you in updating the template on your previously generated conference reports. Refreshing the template does come with some risks and it can mean that your reports lose data that has already been added. Before you email us, you can read this article for more information about how it works: Refreshing a Conference Report Template

Once your drafts are ready to share with that child's parents, check out this article about sharing with parents

We hope you enjoy using Transparent Classroom to generate conference report drafts for children. 


If you have additional questions or feedback, please send us an email at, or click [?] > [Ask] in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window.  

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