Lesson Planning: Overview

In Transparent Classroom, you can use the Lesson Plan page to view your plan and record child progress. You can even record progress directly from your plan with a single click. In this article, we'll show you how to:

  • Add Lessons to Your Plan
  • Print Your Lesson Plan
  • Record Lessons from Your Plan

Check out this brief tutorial video and read on for more details:

Add Lessons to Your Plan

To start your lesson plan, first, go to [Progress & Plan] on the sidebar. This will take you to a large grid with all the lessons and children in your classroom. It is organized by area of the classroom; you can use the dropdown to select a different area. The lessons for each area are listed in a column to the left. Children are arranged oldest to youngest along the top. You can click the [A->Z] button to the left of the children's names if you want to rearrange them. At the bottom left you'll see two buttons 'Record/Plan'. To flag (or plan) a lesson, make sure you've selected 'Plan'. 

Then, simply find the square that connects a child and a lesson and click on it. This should place a black flag on the square. If you would like to plan a single lesson for several children, click and hold as you drag across a row, and when you let go flags should appear in all of the squares you highlighted. 

Make sure you [Save] before navigating away from this page! For more information about the [Progress & Plan] page, click here

If you are in a classroom where you have multiple teachers planning lessons, you will encounter blue flags as well as black flags. These are simply the lessons that other teachers in your classroom have planned. 

If you want to remove a lesson from your lesson plan, simply click on the box again to remove the flag. Once you save, the lesson will be removed from your lesson plan. 

View and Print Your Lesson Plan

To view your lesson plan, go to [Lesson Plan] on the sidebar. Select a way to view your plan from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. We suggest that Primary (3-6) and Infant/Toddler (0-3) teachers us the [Child Boxes] lesson plan, while Elementary (6-12) teachers use the [By Day] lesson plan. All of the lesson plans can be printed straight from your browser by typing Command-P (Mac) or Control-P (PC).

Record Progress From Your Plan

You can do your record keeping right from your lesson plan! When you've given a lesson, simply check the box next to it (on any of the lesson plan views) to record that lesson as presented or introduced everywhere in Transparent Classroom.

Elementary guides can check out our helpful articles on using the [By Day] lesson plan and [Meetings] page. We hope you enjoy planning lessons and recording progress with Transparent Classroom!


If you have additional questions or feedback, please send us an email at info@transparentclassroom.com, or click [?] > [Ask] in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window. 

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